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2012 Admission Prices
Single day adult pass
Single day child pass
Children under 2
2 day adult pass
2 day child pass
Adult season pass
$99.99 (BEST DEAL)
Childrens season pass
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Located in Muskegon County, MI, Michigan's Adventure sits on a huge 250 acres of land. It is currently the largest amusement park in Michigan, owned by Cedar Fair Entertainment since 2001, Cedar fair is famous for handing out great deals and discount tickets for all their parks. As of now, the theme park has just over 50 rides, again, making it the largest in the State. With rides and rollercoasters like the Shivering Timbers, this is great stop for family fun.

The park also offers a cheap waterpark called the WildWater Adventure. Some of the other attractions include seven roller-coasters, Shivering Timbers being one of them, a basic but historic corkscrew type ride. There are also more extreme rides like the Thunderhawk, a suspended looping coaster. Discount passes can be had for all the rides in the park, not excluding kiddie rides. During peak season, the park opens at 11 A.M. and closes at 9 P.M

These guys have everything, thrill rides, water rides, Kiddie rides, the list goes on forever. My favorite thing is the water area, there are days where Michigan is super-hot, and this is the place to cool down. With inexpensive prices, I don’t think anything can beat it.
-James Cooper-